Laboratory Device Service

Laboratory device service at regular interval is necessary in order to maintain normal device operation and accurate measurement results. We offer ISO-certified laboratory device service with nearly 30 years of experience. Please contact our customer service for more information or for a quote.

Laboratory device service is performed in accordance with device manufacturer guidelines and with traceably calibrated measuring equipment.

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Customer Service

+358 9 773 1100

Serviced Laboratory Devices

We provide high quality maintenance and repair services for a wide-range of laboratory devices.

Serviced devices include:

  • Laboratory Centrifuges
  • Laboratory Microscopes
  • Laboratory Photometers and Spectrofotometers
  • Laboratory Ultra-pure water devices, water purification devices
  • Laboratory CO2 cabins
  • Laboratory CO2 incubators
  • Laboratory Media preparators
  • Laboratory Temperature-controlled baths
  • Laboratory Dilluters, dispensers
  • Laboratory Desinfectors and autoclaves

Your device not listed? Please contact our customer service for more information or ask for a quote.

We also supply and stock medical spare parts (OEM quality) for many laboratory devices.

Laboratory Device Service | Intermed Ltd

Tailored Laboratory Device Service

As our customer you benefit from our flexible services, highly skilled service engineers, competitive pricing, wide-range of serviced devices and nearly 30 years of experience in the field of laboratory device service.

Our laboratory device service includes scheduled maintenance activities, repair service, short response repair service, installation service and we supply spare parts (OEM) to a variety of laboratory equipment.

Regardless of your business size, we offer Tailored Service Packages to meet every need, big or small.

Benefits using our Services

  • Nation-wide coverage
  • Short response times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Service when you need it (on-demand)
  • Factory trained & skilled service engineers
  • Wide-range of serviced laboratory devices
  • Nearly 30 years of experience working on laboratory devices
  • All services with or without a service contract
  • We are a ISO9001:2015 Quality Certified Service Partner
  • We are part of the Finnish Reliable Partner Registry
  • Services also in Nordics, Europe, US and Canada

Save costs with Outsourcing Service

Our outsourcing service for laboratory devices let’s you gain notable annual cost savings.

The contract based outsourcing service gives you the best value for money and most flexibility.

With our outsourcing service you gain on-demand access to our Finland-wide service network. We are at your disposal when you need us.

You can rest assured all laboratory device services are performed by highly skilled and factory trained service engineers, all scheduled maintenance services are done on time and all urgent repairs with minimum down time.

Please contact our customer service for more information.

Service Coverage in Finland

Intermed offices are located across Finland in Vantaa, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu.

Our nation-wide coverage means we can offer customers cost-effective services together with fast response times anywhere in Finland.

We also supply OEM laboratory device spare parts from our domestic warehouse in Finland. Please contact our customer service for more information.

Service coverage in Nordics, Europe, US and Canada

Via the TIMANT European Service Network and MERA Medical Equipment Repair Associates we can offer you the same high quality laboratory device services in all Nordic countries, Europe, United States and Canada.

So no matter if you need laboratory device services here in Finland, or almost anywhere else in the world – you can order it directly from our customer service.

Contact our Customer Service

If your laboratory device is in need of a yearly maintenance or repair, please don´t hesitate to contact us for an offer request. Our customer service will answer you promptly and accordingly.

  • Nation-wide customer service number: +358 9 773 1100
  • Service requests: huolto(@)
  • Inquiries and offer requests: toimisto(@)

Intermed offers independent, quality certified and cost-efficient service for laboratory devices, medical devices and medical instrument maintenance devices in the whole Finland area. Our offices are located in Vantaa, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu.

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