Testing Services for Laboratory and Medical Devices

Testing services for laboratory and medical devices with competitive pricing. Our services include device condition assessment, device inspection and device electrical safety testing. Our company has nearly 30 years of experience in servicing laboratory and medical devices.

Every device condition assessment, inspection and electrical safety test is documented and reported to the customer.

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Professional Electrical Safety Testing

In general professional electrical safety testing is requested by medical centers, hospital districts and laboratories.

Medical equipment is subject to electrical safety testing at regular intervals. This applies when medical equipment is:

  • used in patient-care
  • may present a risk of electric shock
  • is without a scheduled maintenance program

Personnel who professionally use medical equipment are responsible for the safety of the equipment. They must ensure that medical equipment safety is in accordance with laws and regulations.

We offer professional electrical safety testing for all laboratory and medical devices. Every test is documented and for every test a written report is given to the customer.

Our tests are high-quality, competitively priced and our response time short.

Professional Condition Assessment & Device Inspection

As a part of our testing service for laboratory and medical devices we also offer:

  • device condition assessments
  • device inspections

The services are aimed at our range of serviced devices.

Tests are done to establish:

  • equipment usability
  • equipment operational safety

A report is given for all tests performed.

Our service can also be used to estimate repair costs. We note device utility and safety, and by request give an unbiased an non-binding estimate for repair costs.

Please contact our customer service for more information or for a quote.

Testing Services in Finland, Nordic and Europe

In Finland we offer our customers a nation-wide and ISO-certified service network, together with fast response and factory trained service engineers.

No matter of your location, our service engineers are always nearby and ready to come and perform testing services for your laboratory or medical device.

Via the TIMANT service network we also offer the same high-quality professional testing services in Nordic countries and Europe.

All testing services to Finland or to any other country within the TIMANT service network, can be ordered directly from our customer service.

Testing services for laboratory and medical devices | Intermed Ltd

Outsourcing Testing Services for laboratory and medical devices

We offer a turnkey solution for outsourcing laboratory and medical device testing services. Our outsourcing service is best suited for customers that have a regular demand for professional laboratory and/or medical device testing.

Our outsourcing testing service stands for high-quality at all levels, fast response times, excellent cost-efficiency and on-demand service availability when you need it.

Please read more about out outsourcing service or contact our customer service for more information.

Intermed offers independent, quality certified and cost-efficient service for laboratory devices, medical devices and medical instrument maintenance devices nation-wide in the whole Finland area. Our offices are located in Vantaa, Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu.

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