Service Outsourcing

Service outsourcing for laboratory and medical devices reliably and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure our customers get the best possible technical service available for their laboratory and medical devices. We offer quality certified maintenance and repair services, nation-wide service network together with years of solid experience.

Our Service Outsourcing Solution represents a true alternative for maintaining an in-house service department.

Covid-19 update for device manufacturers Please read more

Service Outsourcing with Intermed

Intermed is a trusted and independent service partner for your business. Our outsourcing service represents a true alternative for maintaining an in-house service department.

  • We offer professional maintenance services for laboratory and medical devices with over 25 years of experience
  • We understand the meaning of high quality at every level of our operations, from management to field service engineers
  • We support your sales team by being a dependable and cost effective technical service partner with rapid response times
  • We have field service engineers on the ground when you need them the most
  • We are familiar with working in factories, laboratories, next to patient beds and clean rooms

As our customer you have at your disposal a service organization consisting of over 20 skilled field service engineers covering the whole Finland, coupled up with professional service desk functions.

Please contact us for more information.

Service outsourcing for laboratory and medical devices | Intermed Ltd

Laboratory and medical device manufacturers effected by Covid-19

For device manufacturers located abroad, who need to perform scheduled and/or regulatory maintenance work and/or repairs for their customers located in Finland but due to the covid-19 pandemic are currently unable to send their own service personnel, we offer a turn-key service solution.

Turn-key local market service solution for device manufacturers abroad

  • We perform all necessary scheduled maintenance, regulatory maintenance, and repair work
  • We offer fast response times and high quality though out the service process
  • All services available without a service contract
  • Our laboratory and medical device services are ISO Certified
  • Our Service Engineers are factory trained
  • Our Service Network covers the whole of Finland

Quality on demand on all service levels

We offer high-quality and cost-efficient laboratory and medical device maintenance and repair services on demand. By choosing Intermed as your abroad service partner you can rest assured, that the whole process is carried out by skilled professionals on all service levels, from the beginning to the end. We offer quality on demand – we you need it the most.

Please contact our customer service for more information.

On-demand outsourcing Services

We offer a truly flexible outsourcing solution for all your laboratory and medical device service needs. Our service team is ready on-demand, whenever you need it.

Service Outsourcing Benefits

Benefits from Outsourcing in-house Services

  • Annual cost effectiveness through outsourcing cooperation & synergies
  • Reduce your operational expenditure by using our flexible work force
  • Reduce your labor, management, infrastructure, technology and tooling costs
  • Gain a nation-wide service network close to your customers
  • Increase your customer satisfaction using our team of local field service engineers who understand your customer
  • Reduce response times with over 20 highly skilled & experienced field service technicians at your disposal
  • Work with a 100% independent and domestic Service Partner
  • Concentrate on your core competencies
  • Get ISO9001:2015 quality certified Service

Service Outsourcing Coverage

Laboratory and medical device services in Finland, Nordics, Europe, US and Canada

Regardless is your outsourcing service need in Finland or abroad in the Nordics or Europe, via TIMANT service partner network we can provide you with the same high quality services no matter where your devices are, and to expand the service area even further, we can also provide you with MERA service partners in the United States and Canada.

All the members of our service partner network are certified and follow the same quality policies as we do.

With Intermed as your service partner, your laboratory and medical devices are in good hands, no matter where you are.

Customer Service

  • Nation-wide customer service number: +358 9 773 1100
  • Service requests: huolto(@)
  • Inquiries and offer requests: toimisto(@)

We work in close cooperation with laboratory and medical device manufacturers, importers and operators.

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