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We offer our customers Nordic and Europe-wide services together with flexible service contracts. We have worked in close cooperation with the European Service Network TIMANT for almost 15 years. The cooperation enables us to provide our customers first class laboratory and medical device services also in the Nordic countries and Europe.

Maintenance services for laboratory and medical devices in Finland, Nordic countries and Europe.

Services in Finland, Nordics and Europe

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Timant European Service Network

Intermed is a member of the TIMANT European Service Network for laboratory and medical devices.

The service network consists of quality certified independent companies around Europe, all with similar backgrounds.

TIMANT members provide service and repair for laboratory and medical devices in whole of Europe, with long experience and knowledge of the local markets.

Together we provide access to a service network that employs over 100 service professionals.

The member companies of the European Service cooperation Network are quality certified without exception.

In addition to laboratory and medical devices services the services cover spare part sales, field service orders (FSO), storage service and so on.

TIMANT Nordic Service Solution

Together with TIMANT Nordic Service Solution Intermed provides services in the Nordic countries.

Active Nordic level service cooperation enables us to provide flexible service contracts covering every Nordic country.

Our customers benefit from quality certified and cost-efficient laboratory and medical device service, together with good local knowledge throughout all the Nordic countries.

TIMANT Nordic Service Solution offers Laboratory and Medical device service in whole Nordic area based in 10 offices around the Nordics. We work closely both with distributing companies and factories

In the Nordics alone you have over 60 service engineers at your disposal, everyone with solid experience in the business.

TIMANT Nordic Service Solution equals high quality, fast response and cost-efficiency for laboratory and medical device services all over the Nordic region.

One service contract for the whole Europe

With TIMANT European Service Network you need only one contract for service cooperation throughout the whole Europe – or, for separate countries or limited areas in a specific country. All possible with our flexible service contract.

As our customer, you also benefit from our strong local knowledge and wide-ranging professional service organization, always close to your customers and always at your disposal.

If you are looking for one or several service partners in Europe, please contact our customer service for more information. You can also find more information about the European service network at the TIMANT website.

Expert level service in the Nordics

Member companies of the TIMANT Nordic Service Solution are all in close cooperation with the leading device manufacturers and distributors all around Europe.

We comprehensively handle device installations, periodic maintenance and device repairs.

Nordic Service Solution also provides “rush hour assistance”, field service orders (FSI) and technical help desk fuctions for our customers.

Device examples subject to our maintenance

TIMANT European Service Network and TIMANT Nordic Service Solution work with several different device groups and models.

As an example – from laboratory device group, we service centrifuges, CO2 cabins, photometers and various type of analysers. From Medical device group, we service patient monitors, ultrasound devices, ventilators, CPAP/DPAP devices and defibrillators.

For more information about our services please visit services for laboratory and medical devices.

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